Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Position on Responsible Blogging

I would like to make my position very clear. As my profile says:

I do NOT approve of any blog, website, news source. ect. that does NOT keep to the proper halachik guidelines of what is and what is not permitted to be posted. I also believe as owner of a blog one IS responsible for any posts that appear on the page. I'm sure everyone has slightly different standards but we must never throw the baby out with the bathwater. I am also not in support of anonymous people making accusations. For you to accuse someone you need to be willing to step up and show who you are so that the public knows you have no ulterior motives. The innocent can get hurt this way. (Of course victims need to be anonymous sometimes). On my own blog I am very careful not to write any names unless I am 100% sure of the information.

I am also very disappointing that our own Rabanim of the community don't stand up for what needs to be done and take action. They in turn are responsible for these blogs to have credibility and so we in turn make a complete mockery of our Halachik system. Its a terrible cycle that can be stopped only if we cleaned up our own mess.

There I said it!


  1. wow, that was a real nice radio show!! radio Hidobrutt 95.7 fm had an amazing hour speaking of the internet asifa coming up,over a dozen of callers which ALL OF THEM brought out the danger of technology. and the falls feelings that people are bringing to our yiden, basicly WE ARE ALL UNITED TO CITIFIELD QUEENS MAY 20 @ 6:30.

  2. A few days ago, abc posted on your blog. you accused him of speeking LH, but when he asked you to remove the post, you didn't? Are u realy intrested in halacah?

  3. So you believe it is permissible to accuse, oh excuse me "ask", if this whole asifa is a money making scheme? Without a SHRED of evidence? If this is "responsible blogging" och in vey "irresponsible blogging".

  4. So then answer my questions I put forward in my blog? They are just questions.

  5. How is it then that you yourself posted yesterday on the blog FM that J-Net blocked your site? do you believe that posting on FM is for someone like you who is a machunuch? i think its becuase of blogs like FM that we need an asifa.Nothing more shomotzig then FM .

  6. Why were you on his blog looking at my comment. You sheigitz

  7.  Sure. The Rabbis are trying to save the many, many souls of young and old Jewish children who get caught, unintentionally, in the web of shmutz, kefira and cynicism that is the internet.

    They have no personal or financial gain, on the contrary they are working extremely hard to accomplish their goals of raising awareness and promoting safeguards that will save many neshamos.

    For you to suggest otherwise, based on conjecture and without a SHRED of evidence is despicable. Should one person take your advice and disregard what the Rabbonim are saying, and should a child of his later get into trouble, trouble which could have been avoided with proper safeguards, then his blood is on your hands. Gadol hamachteo yoseir meihahorgo.

    BTW, what rabbinical support do you have for the approach you are taking toward this Asifa? Can you name one rabbi who has encouraged you to come out against it as you have? Name names, remember, that's the standard you adhere to.

  8. graet comment by harediandproud, and i wonder why our big hero is silent.......


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