Friday, April 20, 2012

The Klal Perspectives Journal


I am not affiliated with the journal in any way, but from what I can tell they are great rabonim and leaders of Klal Yisroel that are dealing with our current issues head on.

The NEW Spring 2012 Issue was just published. This issue deals with the fact that "THE AMERICAN ORTHODOX COMMUNITY is experiencing a crisis of spiritual connection, in the opinion of many leaders and observers of the community. Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, the executive vice-president of Agudath Israel of America, summed up the matter most succinctly in the first issue of Klal Perspectives when he identified the single greatest challenge facing the Orthodox community as “the increasing numbers from across the spectrum who feel no meaningful connection to Hashem, His Torah, or even His people.” And he was one of the many Klal Perspectives contributors who raised this concern....

Please use the link below to visit the journals webpage. Feel free to use this blog to express your feelings on the issues being raised. Only relevant and constructive comments will be allowed posted here.

The Klal Perspectives Journal

The current issue has the following essays in it.

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger: “Just One Thing is Missing: The Soul”

Rabbi Yaakov Glasser  "The Vital Role of Experiential Jewish Education"
Rav Ahron Lopiansky: Self-Inspiration: "A Tool for Life"
Rabbi Bentzion Twerski: Is Serving Hashem Still a "Jewish" Ideal?
Rabbi Yitzchok Feigenbaum "Been There, Done That: Why Being Frum Is So Boring "
Moishe Bane: "Merely Coping"
Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox: "The Abandonment of the Soul: Struggle of Dispirited Observant Jews"
Chaya Newman: "A Time for Inspiration"
Jonathan Rosenblum "Creating an Environment for Developing Closeness to Hashem"
Rabbi Shalom Baum: "Looking Inward to Move Upward"
Judith Cahn, EdD: Family, School and Community: "The Psychological Impact of Connectedness"
Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser: "Defrosting Judaism"
Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein: "An Observation and Some Modest Proposals"
Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky: "The First Connection is to Your Inner Self"
Shifra Rabenstein: "The Good Old Days"
Rabbi Gidon Rothstein: "Searching for God Where God is Found"
Rabbi Shmuel Silber: "Struggling with Connection: Ancient Challenge, Contemporary Suggestions"
Rabbi Dovid Goldman: "Whose Torah is It?"


  1. From the Foreward:

    Thirty people were invited to contribute, and eighteen agreed. Those solicited included pulpit rabbis, educators, outreach professionals, roshei yeshiva, community activists and researchers. Contributors uniformly agreed that the problem of being disconnected is real. The only people who declined to support this observation were three roshei yeshiva teaching post-high school yeshiva students. These roshei yeshiva, serving in three different types of yeshivas, each advised that they were unqualified to address the questions because they had no familiarity with the problem. They explained that their students were all intensely connected and involved, and they had no indication that this strong connection weakened in the years after the students leave yeshiva.

    1. There was a yidish expression that goes "Nisht bei Mir"!

  2. Rabbi Weinberger, though noting the extreme dangers of the
    Internet, warned against focusing too heavily on attacking the
    damaging effects of technology: “if on Monday, the antiInternet convention takes a powerful swipe at the latest
    technology, by Tuesday the kids (and the young at heart)
    discover something better and faster.”

  3. I read the frst artciles over Shabbos.

    Rabbi Weinberger's article is a must read.

    B"H! This is such a breath of fresh air. Now we all need to do something about it!

    1. You must read "Rabbi Yitzchok Feigenbaum "Been There, Done That: Why Being Frum Is So Boring ", I know you will love it!

    2. That was the article I read first. Catchy title and I wasn't disappointed.

    3. read the rest. they are all brilliant.

    4. Being genuine leaders, they don't hit us over the head with:
      1. How great they are
      2. How dumb we are
      3. How we don't dare question them


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